Birthright of Greater Danbury

Birthright has been providing love, support and hope to women facing unplanned pregnancies for over 45 years. We operate nearly 300 locations, and have a 24/7 toll-free Helpline so help is only a phone call away.


Birthright of Greater Danbury

Chapter Information

Helpline (Toll Free)



238 White St.

Danbury, Connecticut 06810

United States

Phone: 203-744-3737

Tuesday 11AM-1PM
Thursday 11AM-1PM
Saturday 10AM-12PM

Completely confidential help, Friendship and emotional support, Free pregnancy tests, Medical referrals, Legal referrals, Educational assistance and referrals, Maternity and baby clothes, Housing referrals, Referrals to social agencies, Referrals for professional counseling, Information on: Prenatal development, Adoption Pregnancy & childbirth, Child care options, Child safety issues

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Welcome to Birthright of Greater Danbury


We Can Help You.

We are here to help you in making a decision about your pregnancy.

We will listen to you through one-on-one personal attention.

We want you to know the many options available to you...

We provide all our services free of charge.

We provide confidential help.

You owe it to yourself to take the time to know your options. Birthright offers hope and encouragement and will always respect your choice.

So give us a call today! (Our helpline is 24/7.)

At Birthright, we understand the challenges related to an unplanned pregnancy. You may feel alone, worried or even unwanted. Perhaps you are being pressured to have an abortion or take an abortion pill. We will help you for as long as you need us. No judgments.

Birthright of Greater Danbury serves pregnant women in Danbury, Newtown, New Fairfield, Bethel, Ridgefield, and the surrounding area. There are 9 Birthright locations in Connecticut. Use the search at this website to find your nearest Birthright.

At Birthright, we understand the challenges related to unplanned pregnancies. We know that it can be an overwhelming and often scary situation. However, we also know that there is hope for the mother and her child.  There may be people pressuring you to have an abortion or take an abortion pill.  You must be the one to decide.  Abortion clinics offer abortions, either surgically or by abortion pills.  Birthright offers someone who cares about you and can help you explore your options.  We recognize that no woman wants to have an abortion, but she might resort to it if there seems to be no other answer.  Together, Birthright can show you there is a way for you to give birth to your baby, with love, understanding, and peace of mind.  All Birthright services are free and include pregnancy tests, caring support, and practical assistance.  We will help you for as long as you need us.  Birthright serves pregnant women in the Greater Danbury area.

Birthright Volunteers:  There are mothers-to-be in difficult circumstances in whose lives your caring friendship would make a tremendous difference. Join our volunteers and be a friend to a girl or woman who is at perhaps the greatest crossroads of her life. Call (203) 744-3737


Donations: We accept new and gently used maternity clothing and baby clothing up to 24 months. We cannot accept any toys, baby gear, or furniture.


Birthright is a non-profit charitable organization that has been providing love and support for over 45 years to women facing unplanned pregnancies. We have chapters across Canada, the United States, and Africa, as well as a 24/7 North American toll-free Helpline. Birthright is supported by devoted volunteers and private donations.

Helpline: 1.800.550.4900