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Birthright has been providing love, support and hope to women facing unplanned pregnancies for over 45 years. We operate nearly 300 locations, and have a 24/7 toll-free Helpline so help is only a phone call away.


Birthright of Lincoln

Chapter Information

Helpline (Toll Free)



5625 O St., Suite 4

Lincoln, Nebraska 68510

United States

Phone: 402-466-2609

Open Daily- call for hours:
Walk-in tests or by appointment
Call us 24 /7 - 1-800-550-4900

Information on:

  • Fetal development  Find out how developed your little one is.
  • Completely confidential friendship & emotional support
  • free Pregnancy testing, childbirth class referrals
  • Parenting class referrals
  • Medical referrals - find a doctor you trust
  • Legal referrals
  • Educational referrals 
  • Maternity clothes and referral to local thrift store 
  • Housing referrals - Group maternity homes for free
  • Referrals for professional counseling - during pregnancy or after an abortion.
  • Job search/career advice referrals
  • Adoption referrals  to licensed agencies)
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Welcome to Birthright of Lincoln

Are you worried?, Does your home pregnancy test say "positive" but you are not sure?  Do you want a free high grade pregnancy test and results in 5 minutes?  BIRTHRIGHT IS CONFIDENTIAL. Your name is not needed. Why not contact Birthright first, before you think about decisions? We will listen to your situation and offer positive guidance and hope for your future.

You may feel pressure to make a decision quickly, however you have the right to take all the time you want. Birthright only refers to trusted OB-Gyn doctors in our area. We can help you find an OB who works with you. Our photo gallery - shows the development of a baby's feet at 10 weeks. Another photo shows one woman's 7 year old daughter. Her little dancer was an unexpected pregnancy. Her mom thought there was only one way out; however, with help, her mom continued on with her education and is now a nurse. Our "Happens to You" video at the bottom of this page reveals feelings which some women experience with unexpected pregnancies. Birthright understands any of the feelings you are going through. 

We provide non-judgmental friendly support for as long as you need us. Birthright uses our own resources and those of the Lincoln community to offer you positive, loving alternatives to every abortion. Birthright believes "it is the right of every woman to give birth, and every child to be born". We will treat you with kindness and respect.

Birthright services are always free and available to every person regardless of age, race, religion, economic or marital status. We are not involved in religious movements, political activities or lobbying.

Women sometimes suffer emotionally and/or physically after abortion - in silence. Our volunteers are always ready to listen and may refer to low-cost counseling professionals within the Lincoln community.

Click the info button on your left for office hours. Birthright is available 24 hours. We are as near as your phone - Why not call right now?  (402) 466-2609 or 1-800-550-4900. You can walk-in for pregnancy testing during office hours or by appointments outside regular hours.

*Do you just need someone to listen? Are you feeling unsure about your future during and after a pregnancy?

*Not ready to be a mom? For some women, parenting is an option. Some women choose an adoption option.  Either can give freedom to continue school or follow lifestyle choices without regret. (Open adoption means a woman chooses a family (out of many, many couples) to parent her child. She can choose if she wants any contact with baby or no contact with baby.) Birthright refers to only licensed agencies as these provide on-going free emotional support for women.

*Ideas how to tell your parents or significant others?

*New ideas on how to continue your life and your education after a baby?

*Do you wonder what the development your baby is at this time?

*Do you want information on low-cost parenting classes?

*Need diaper referrals? Four groups in Lincoln provide free diapers.


*Income-based hospital and doctor costs may be available to you and your unborn baby through local health departments. Your Birthright friend can help you with paperwork.

Birthright of Lincoln is located at the East Center Building, 5625 "O" Street, Suite 4 (2nd floor). An elevator is available for your convenience.

A friend is waiting for your call at Birthright.




Free pregnancy testing in 5 minutes? Need a doctor you can trust? Need a doctor who takes Medicaid?

Birthright relies on your donations. We directly support women and their children in her decision making process.

Please choose "Birthright" on the next RAZOO "Give to Lincoln Day". 

All donations are tax deductible. Receipts available upon request. Please contact us at 402.466.2609 or fill out the "Contact us" form found on the left side of this page.


We are looking for dedicated, compassionate, non-judgemental individuals who desire to bring hope and encouragement to women facing unexpected pregnancies. We provide the alternative. A 2 hour - 10-12, 12-2, 2-4  committment one day per week is needed. Please consider giving your time. Contact us at 402.466.2609 or fill out the"Contact" form on the left side of this page. Thank you for considering using your time and talent.







Birthright is a non-profit charitable organization that has been providing love and support for over 45 years to women facing unplanned pregnancies. We have chapters across Canada, the United States, and Africa, as well as a 24/7 North American toll-free Helpline. Birthright is supported by devoted volunteers and private donations.

Helpline: 1.800.550.4900