Birthright International - Story from a Birthright Volunteer

Story from a Birthright Volunteer

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A Birthright Volunteer shares a memorable encounter with a client.


I once met a young woman who suspected she was pregnant. We met 3 times in the Birthright office.

The pregnancy test was positive and we continued to talk and discuss options. Every angle I tried to talk to her had a huge road block. She was pregnant - not with her husband - she herself was adopted and had a negative experience, she lived with her father who would not support her. She had a firm determination to abort her baby. I tried everything I could to help her, but once she left the Birthright Centre the third time, I never heard from her again.

I cried many times, wondering what I could have done differently. All I had left to do was pray and turn it over to God.

About two years later, I had my grandson at the park and ran into her. She asked me if I remembered her. She had a toddler with her.  Of course, I would never forget her. 



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