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A True Story From A Birthright Centre

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One of our Birthright Centres Learned a Valuable Lesson on Judgement...

Our Birthright Centre had moved to a new location. It was a nice enough spot on the main street, though there was a feeling of disappointment upon moving in that our new neighbour was, of all things, a tattoo shop. We realize now that was an unfair judgement, as we had never even met them. What would transpire in our first few days at our new location would be heartwarming.

As we settled into our new office, the morning came when one of the volunteers put our Birthright sign into the window. That afternoon, a big, tattoo covered man walked in the door. He very politely introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Paul. We’re neighbours, I own the tattoo shop next door.” The Birthright volunteers introduced themselves and made small talk.

After a few minutes, Paul asked a surprising question. “Is this the same Birthright that is in Lyndon?” Lyndon was a small town a couple hours away and Birthright of Lyndon had closed years prior. One of the Birthright volunteers replied, “Yes it is, but unfortunately Birthright in Lyndon closed a few years ago. Birthright is a pregnancy support service and there are many Birthright’s across the country.”

Paul smiled and said “I know exactly what Birthright is. You see, many years ago, I took my girlfriend to Birthright. I was 18 and she was 16 and we were worried she was pregnant. So we went to Birthright in Lyndon.” He continued, “The people there were kind and did a pregnancy test. It was positive. My girlfriend went back a couple of times and always appreciated the emotional support Birthright provided her.”

All the volunteers smiled and anxiously awaited the end of the story.

“That was 20 years ago. Thank you for the work that you do. You are special people.”

We were so grateful that Paul shared his experience with us. One of our volunteers finally said, “I am glad Birthright was able to help you and your girlfriend. Are you at peace with the decisions that you both made?”

Paul smiled. He said, “Absolutely. My then girlfriend, is now my wife. We have 4 beautiful daughters together, the eldest is 20. And we couldn't have done it without Birthright.”

Paul finished with “If you ever need anything, I am right next door. Don’t be afraid to ask me for anything.”

What a beautiful Birthright story from the most unsuspecting place. It was a lesson in judgment and a reminder that Birthright is needed. Though we may not always know how our clients stories end, we certainly know that Birthright is making a difference in lives everywhere. 


Words From Birthright Leadership

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Birthright International & Birthright USA share some thoughts as we come into the Holiday season!

“I am only one, but still I am one.  I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. I will not refuse to do the something I can do.”  
~ Helen Keller ~

     Forty eight years ago a Toronto mother of seven knew she had to do “something.”  Abortion was about to become legal in Canada and she knew she just couldn’t sit by and do nothing. There must be “something” she could do to help these Moms choose Life.  Birthright was this “something.”  Her thought was that even if just one baby’s life was saved from abortion it would be worth it.  Today, all these years later, this “something” is alive and well and still helping girls and women facing an unplanned pregnancy choose Life for their Unborn child. All over Canada, the United States and several countries in Africa, Birthright volunteers are there giving hugs, holding hands and wiping tears with love.  Small but so important “somethings”. As we approach the upcoming seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas let us take the time to reflect on our own lives.  Perhaps there is “something” that you can do to make life better for someone you meet.  A simple smile as you hold the door for someone, a thank you when that door is held for you. Would it be so hard to say “I’m sorry” to someone you have hurt? It doesn’t have to be a very large “something”.  We are so fortunate to be living in these wonderful countries.  Let us work together to share our good fortune with those who need just a little “something” to make their lives better.
     Please keep our wonderful volunteers in your prayers as they carry on this labour of love begun so many years ago. 

Mary Berney
CoPresident, Birthright International 



     Fall is my favorite time of year.  I love the color changes, the sounds of harvest, the different smells, and the cozy feeling fall brings.  As we settle into November and the holidays are upon us; it's easy to feel as though this time of year comes so fast and is over before we know it.  Sometimes it's hard to be fully present when our to-do lists edge out the practice of counting our blessings.  I encourage you to slow down just enough to experience the moments of joy surrounding us everyday.  We have so many blessings to be thankful for: family, friends (old and new), our health, the gift of life.
     There are so many blessings in my life that I am thankful for;  I'm thankful for all of you and all that you give, because you are the heart of  Birthright.  I'm thankful for Mary Berney and Victoria Summerhill Fox, the two pair of hands that run the International office.  I'm thankful for the guidance and wisdom given by the Co-Presidents and International Board that keeps Birthright strong and running smoothly. 
     I hope you are able to slow down during this holiday season and enjoy every moment.

Brittney Mellema
Birthright USA National Director


Story from a Birthright Volunteer

Categories: Love, Hope & Encouragement

A Birthright Volunteer shares a memorable encounter with a client.


I once met a young woman who suspected she was pregnant. We met 3 times in the Birthright office.

The pregnancy test was positive and we continued to talk and discuss options. Every angle I tried to talk to her had a huge road block. She was pregnant - not with her husband - she herself was adopted and had a negative experience, she lived with her father who would not support her. She had a firm determination to abort her baby. I tried everything I could to help her, but once she left the Birthright Centre the third time, I never heard from her again.

I cried many times, wondering what I could have done differently. All I had left to do was pray and turn it over to God.

About two years later, I had my grandson at the park and ran into her. She asked me if I remembered her. She had a toddler with her.  Of course, I would never forget her. 



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