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A Survival Guide to Kid-Focused Events - Part 5

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Part 5 of our ongoing series of a how to survive kid-focused events

A Survival Guide to Kid-Focused Events - Part 5

How to survive the  “G movie”

So the next new kids' movie has finally hit the big screen and you've been duped into going. It’s definitely not an Oscar winner, it’s only funny if you’re a child, so you sit there holding $10 popcorn while all the kids sing along with the musical interlude. I bet you wish you could get those 90 minutes back? Well, my friend, you're in luck. Use this opportunity as leverage, moms (and dads)! "Since mommy's taking you to see this fun movie, afterward we're going to the mall to get mommy some new shoes." Right? You get to extend the amount of quality time with your toddler, they will appreciate you more and popcorn is delicious.



A Survival Guide to Kid-Focused Events - Part 8

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As a new parent you we want to arm you with this… a survival guide to kid-focused events (you're welcome)!

A Survival Guide to Kid-Focused Events - Part 8

How to survive the first dinner out.

Eating Out with Baby: Table for 2.5?
Dining out with baby doesn't have to be a disaster. Here's how to put fun on the menu.
Dining out with your little darling? Follow these dos and don'ts to make your meal magnificent (not just for your family, but for your fellow diners too).
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