Birthright International - A Survival Guide to Kid-Focused Events - Part 1

A Survival Guide to Kid-Focused Events - Part 1

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As a new parent you we want to arm you with this… a survival guide to kid-focused events (you're welcome)!

A Survival Guide to Kid-Focused Events - Part 1

How to survive the “Random Birthday Party”
You're a good parent, you take the “kiddo” to yet another one of those “bouncy house” birthday party where you are forced into small talk with, well let’s face it, perfect strangers, drinking fruity juice from a box. So your little angel is invited to a birthday party (which is awesome) but you don't know the host parent(s), and your not comfortable leaving your child there alone for a few hours. So, off you go, to the bouncy house/random person's living room/petting zoo/trampoline park. 

Your child runs off to play with their friends, and your left standing there with not-a-familiar face in sight. On a scale from one to awkward, this one ranks relatively high up there. While the other moms and dads chit chatting in their known groups you feel like the odd man out. At this point you basically have two options. Option 1: shove your face into your iPhone and Candy Crush it until the party's over or option 2: find a friendly looking face that also looks a little left out and make a new friend. Alternately you could always ask the host if there is anything you can help with – making snacks, organizing gifts, etc.

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  • Steven R.

    Steven R.

    05 juin 2014 at 15:36 |
    This is a great article, can't wait to read some more.
    • Birthright Ambassador

      Birthright Ambassador

      05 juin 2014 at 15:37 |
      Thank you! We are glad you liked it. It's a really good series of articles on parenting for new moms...

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