Birthright International - A Survival Guide to Kid-Focused Events - Part 3

A Survival Guide to Kid-Focused Events - Part 3

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Part 3 of our ongoing series of a how to survive kid-focused events

A Survival Guide to Kid-Focused Events - Part 3

How to survive the  “a play date with someone you don't know yet”
One of the classroom moms has invited you and your little one over for a playate. Which is really nice, but you’re a little stressed because don't know this particular mom yet. Will you make a new gal pal or will she be judgy? What if you have nothing in common or nothing to talk about? The first-time you attend a playdate with a new mom (or dad), it can be a little unsettling, especially if the kids wander out of the room and you suddenly realize your sitting there trying to make small talk with a stranger. The key is all in pre-planning: think of a few topics to talk about before you head over. Do your kids enjoy any of the same things? How do they feel about the school/teacher, etc? Go prepared with a set of questions, comments or current events to talk about just in case things get stale.

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