Birthright International - A Survival Guide to Kid-Focused Events - Part 4

A Survival Guide to Kid-Focused Events - Part 4

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Part 4 of our ongoing series of a how to survive kid-focused events

A Survival Guide to Kid-Focused Events - Part 4

How to survive the “zoo, aquarium or theme park”

These place can actually be quite fun, but tend to be a little exhausting as well - especially if you're constantly running after a toddler or if there are long lines to see certain exhibits or go on certain rides. Make sure you pack a picnic so you can escape to a secluded area for a few moments RNR. It’s also a really good idea to take a friend (or two) and their little one(s) so you've got some back up and someone to talk to while you stare at giraffes, attempt to find the orangutans or spin around in the teacups.


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