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At Birthright, we understand the challenges related to unplanned pregnancies. Birthright is available to women for as long as they need us. We offer love, friendship, and support to women who are pregnant or think they may be pregnant.  Birthright is interdenominational and is not involved in any political activities, or lobbying. Birthright’s focus is on loving the mother, reminding her that there is hope and ensuring she is not alone.

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Birthright relies on the dedication, time and talents of volunteers. We welcome any and all individuals who share our philosophy and commitment to offer loving, confidential, nonjudgmental support to those who are pregnant or think they may be pregnant. There are many volunteer opportunities available and we would gladly discuss our volunteer program with you. Full training and mentorship is provided for our volunteers so you can best help the women who need you.

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    We have scheduled office hours but we can meet with you at other times, please call the office to make an appointment 603-434-3000. There is hope, we can help.

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    We have a limited supply of the below baby formula, please use the CONTACT US section above to send us an email to check on availability:





    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please stop by our Pregnancy Care Center or call us to discuss Pregnancy Tests, Pregnancy Stages,  Pregnancy Symptoms, Pregnancy Calendar, Pregnancy Tips, Pregnancy Trimesters, Pregnancy Week by Week, Parenthood Planning, the dangers of the Abortion Pill and Abortion Alternatives that will be the best for you and your baby. Birthright of Southern NH is listed by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit. Tax exempt # 22-2757349 Servicing Derry, Londonderry, Nashua, Salem, Windham, Hudson, Litchfield, Chester and other Southern NH towns ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    Birthright Baby Contest

    Due to the high cost of carnations we have decided to replace our Mother’s Day Flower Sale    with Birthright’s First Baby Contest, where we will find our very first Birthright Prince and Princess!  All babies that are residents of New Hampshire, and born between May 1, 2021 and April 30, 2022 are invited to register.  The categories and their prizes will be as follows: Birthright Prince ($100 Gift Card)       Birthright Princess ($100 Gift Card) Best Dressed ($50 Gift Card)     Best Smile ($50 Gift Card) Youngest ($50 Gift Card) To register, mail a check for any donation amount made out to Birthright, and a baby picture with the following information written on the back of the picture: Baby’s Name, Parent’s Name, Address, Birthday, Boy or Girl, Phone, and Email. Mail to Birthright, 37 Crystal Avenue Plaza One, Unit 10,  Derry, NH 03038 Registrations must be received no later than June 1, 2022.  The Birthright Board of Trustees will complete the judging by June 15th.  Registration for the event gives Birthright the approval to use the winning pictures, and babies’ first names (not the last names), and towns in the media and our newsletter. We are looking forward to crowning our Birthright Prince and Princess in June so spread the word to family and friends and let’s celebrate all of God’s little miracles.

    From the Director’s Desk

    Our team has so many blessings to share in this season of 1st fruits. We have been helping multiple clients with a variety of needs and we would like to share one of their stories with all of you who make this possible. We are always humbled at your generosity, thank you so much.      Our client wrote this to share with you:      ‘ I always wanted to be a mother, but "it can't be happening right now,"  I remember thinking when I looked at all 5 tests in a row giving me the same results. The overflow of emotions hit me like a tsunami – both wanting to praise God for answering my prayers, and also feeling resentment towards Him as if He messed up the timing of it all. I felt alone; not knowing if things would work out with the father or where me and the baby could live at first. How could I tell people? How could I face this major consequence? It didn't happen in a day, or even a month but I learned the answer, is through God's grace. His love. And mostly, His people and who He placed in my life at the perfect time to help walk me through it. I heard about the Birthright Center through a friend who said I could call them for any type of help. Whether it was financial support or just emotional support. I remember my first call I was so clueless I just wanted someone to tell me what to do. But they provided me with such reassurance and affirmation that this baby is a gift, and that I was stronger than I could've imagined. Even after one call, I felt more capable to take on growing and raising this child. Especially knowing from that moment forward I had support and a team behind me willing to help me every step along the way. They've provided so many gifts and are committed to loving me and this baby. God is the most amazing orchestrator and He doesn't care how messy, or imperfect the situation is. He intentionally, on purpose, ordained my child to be born into my family. And my child was made for such a time as this. There was no mistake, God doesn't make mistakes. No matter how broken, He will redeem it. And He has for me. My heart never questions now that this baby will be a blessing, always. I thought I was shameful, unqualified. But He named me Triumphant, and Called. Called to be a Mother. Because God doesn't make mistakes.’ It’s all of us working together that allowed Birthright to help this baby be born.  It’s your donations that paid for the office that she came to visit, it’s your donations of clothing, diapers and baby essentials that filled the bags that we were able to give to her and it’s our dedicated volunteers that were there to help her make a plan for her and her new baby. In His service for life, Kelli Smith

    Spring into Volunteering

    Do you have a little free time and want to be part of an amazing group that respects life and volunteer to make life better for women and their unborn babies?  Please call the office at 603-434-3000 if you are interested in any of the below volunteer opportunities. Treasurer/Accountant This volunteer writes monthly checks as needed, deposits donations, maintains financial data in QuickBooks non-profit (will be provided), generates balance sheet and income statement reports and performs bank reconciliations.  Prior financial experience is preferred. In-Office Volunteer We would love to open the office an additional day during the week but we need your help!   In-Office volunteers work one or two 3-hour shifts a month, providing love, compassion, guidance, baby items and resource information to woman troubled by an unplanned pregnancy. Volunteers will attend our training program and will work with our “seasoned” volunteers in order to learn how to provide the loving support that Birthright is known for. Come and be part of the Birthright family, where all of our talents combined make a world of difference in so many lives.  

    So Many People to Thank

    Despite all that is going on in the world, your continued support of Birthright is humbling.  Thanks to everyone for their extremely generous donations in 2021, we were able to cover all of our expenses and provide needed services to 111 women and their babies.  We not only helped women from around the Derry area but also from Raymond, Lawrence, Hooksett, Peterborough, Goffstown, Epping and Kingston.   Our biggest expense is the office space, but having a safe place for a face-to-face conversation and to distribute needed baby items is invaluable since so much is lost in texts and phone calls.  Our next biggest expense is Google advertising which is now accounting for how half of our clients find us.  Our search ads were seen by 33,000 thousand woman in New Hampshire and 1,179 clicked on our ad for more information.  Our display ads which show on Youtube and other medias were shown to 1.21 million women. Many thanks to the St Anne’s Knights of Columbus for hosting a Valentine’s Day Dinner in Birthright’s honor.  The Surf and Turf dinner was incredible and the love for life in the hall made it all the more special.  Thanks also to everyone that attended and for your donations at the event.    St. Anne’s once again outdid themselves with their Christmas Giving, providing us with much needed diapers, wipes, baby clothes and baby essentials, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!